Prime Bid Series 9! Download it now Three hours of new training videos are available for your training and research needs Prime Bid will find your lowest bid combination Look at bids the way you like them with vertical view Prime Bid performs scope adjustments to make bids easier Easy one-click summary for bid runner

Prime Bid

Prime Bid

Win more bids with Prime Bid! Get the competitive edge through better analysis using this powerful tool. Read how Prime Bid can help you with the bid process, bid day, and final numbers to get more jobs. Prime Bid is truly an all-in-one bid analysis software solution for the entire bid process.

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  • Best Numbers: Prime Bid's matrices solve for the best solution
  • Stop the Errors: Fixed math means you don't need or lose formulas
  • Team Play: Multi-user real-time bid inputs with popups for scope items
  • Alternate Analysis: Auto analysis for best bid combination
  • Cost Savings: Cuts ITB & bid preparations in half, & stops costly errors
  • Integrated: Works with popular estimating & job cost software
  • Color-coded: Best number, caution alert, required & excluded
  • Automatically adjusts bids for apple-to-apple comparisons
  • DBE tracking & sub listings

Prime Bid Integration


Prime Fax

Prime Fax

ITBs made easy! Prime Fax is a complete solution for managing invitations to subs/suppliers. This software will allow you to communicate and manage the flow of information during the invitation to bid process, allowing your ITB to become sharper and more error-free than ever before.

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  • High-speed Fax Broadcasting Service
  • Send Faxes, Emails or Both
  • Edit or Add Vendors on the Fly
  • Store Notes & Histories in Vendor Records
  • Store DBE Vendor Statuses in Record
  • Vendor Phone List for Each Matrix

Prime Database

Prime Database

Prime Software has created vendor databases for 18 territories with 53 sub-territories in the U.S. The average vendor database has 6,000 contacts per territory. The gross count for the United States is over 100,000 vendors and 70,000 email addresses for commercial construction work. Each one of these sub-contractors or vendors has been called by our research team, and the database is continually being updated.

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Broadcast Fax

Broadcast Fax

Prime Software offers a high-speed broadcast fax service. By refining results using selectable criteria, users of Prime Bid will define a vendor database by selecting subcontractors and suppliers for the project from a master vendor database. An invitation to bid or other communication can be sent to this list of subcontractors and suppliers via the fax service. The service is fast; normally the job is completed within a half hour of receipt.

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See Our Software in Action

One of the best ways to get to know Prime Bid or Prime Fax, and see what it can do for your company, is through a free live webinar. The webinar can be as long or as short as you would need it to be. During the webinar we will demonstrate all the features of Prime Bid or Prime Fax, and you and your team can ask specific questions that relate to your needs. See how Prime Bid or Prime Fax integrates with top estimating software and coordinates invitation to bid and bid day analysis.

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We're Using Prime Bid

  • Binder Construction

    "With Prime Bid I have less panic during bid closing, because the calculation formulas are embedded in the software, ensuring there are no math errors possible. I always know we have the best subcontractor numbers in the bid (from the matrix solution). The real key is I have more time to analyze my sub bids to perform a risk analysis; this gives me greater confidence in my final number. "  — Binder Construction, Alex   Read more »

  • John Plane Construction

    "At bid time I have to prepare a complete subcontractor listing, resolve alternates, and perform a DBE analysis, and have all that information available to my bid runner at 1:55pm. Prime bid gives me all the answers instantaneously, thus I am able to get all my information as close to the bid time as possible to be a responsive bidder. Before I had Prime Bid I had to close the bid out at 1:30pm, thus missing a lot of opportunities that come up in the last half hour."  — John Plane Construction, Paul Grech   Read more »

  • CT Brayton & Sons, Inc.

    "I like the variety of reports in Prime Bid. I have the flexibility to order bidders from low to high and allocate add-ons to the direct costs. This allows me to have great presentations to owners in an open book scenario. Also, I like the Prime Bid subcontractor database, because the information is used throughout all of the pre-bid and bid day processes."  — CT Brayton & Sons, Inc., Pam Galbreath   Read more »

  • HE Whitlock

    "We have utilized various estimating methods and programs throughout the history of our company. I have found a company that's technical support department really understands the construction bidding process. These guys are always available to answer my questions and help train me on the use of Prime Bid. It's great! They get online and are able to show me on my screen how to do it. This is the best support I have had on any software that I own. Looking back at the old way we bid projects, I can't imagine estimating a project without Prime Bid!"  — HE Whitlock, Justin Bonham   Read more »

  • Doran Construction

    "The guys at Prime Bid got my sub trade list, researched it, and put it together with other GC's sub trade lists to create a database to make a back bone of a really efficient ITB system. I can quickly look at my spec book and create a list by trade from the refined database. It's just too easy to send out broadcast emails and faxes. I then get detailed reports on the success/failure of the faxes so I can tweak my database to keep it current."  — Doran Construction, Art   Read more »

  • LMC Inc.

    "The ITB System in Prime Bid is an easy step by step process. First I select the subs by trade to invite, then I make a word document that is my invitation, then I walk through a step by step wizard to send the broadcast fax/email. Finally, I can track my responses from the subs. This has reduced my time to perform this process and increased the number of bids we receive on bid day."  — LMC Inc., Scott   Read more »

  • Seals/Biehle General Contractors

    "California has the most complicated bid forms in the country. We use Prime Bid to produce the last-minute information rapidly from our multi-user bid file. This capability is critical for us to have last minute information and confidence in the processing of the information. From the subcontractor bid analysis to the last minute closing this tool is ideally suited for use to produce an accurate error free best number on bid day." — Seals/Biehle General Contractors, Nick Seals   Read more »

  • Echo Pacific Construction

    "We production bid a lot of hard bids and soft bids using Prime Bid. Because of the multi-user capability we are able to process the ever increasing number of sub bids on bid day. Another complicating factor in our area is the detailed information requirements like sub listings that need to be turned in with our bid, Prime Bid manages and delivers this complex information in just seconds time. We can keep our team lean and mean by using this software tool to manage this chaotic process." — Echo Pacific   Read more »

  • Pavilion Construction

    "I learned Prime Bid in only a few weeks and got the first job that I bid! The new level of structured bid organization, bid analysis and bid closing has improved our bidding process to a new refined level. By having 1/4th of 1% better numbers, this has placed our company in a more competitive position. My last 30 minutes of the bid are manageable from a process standpoint — I now have precious time to determine more qualification information about the last minute bids to ferret out the potential gotchas." — Pavilion Construction, Tom Sheridan, Senior Estimator   Read more »

  • Jody Miller Construction

    "Once Prime Bid is set up correctly, it works great. We were up and running by self training and a few phone calls to support. We have successfully won several jobs by narrow percentages in a tough market. Prime Bid gives us the competitive advantage that we need." — Jody Miller Construction, Jody Miller, President   Read more »

  • Meyer Najem

    "We had been looking for a replacement bid analysis program for several years and after installing the demo of Prime Bid we felt confident the program would meet our needs. As the IT Manager and software applications trainer, I was very pleased with the installation and configuration of the program. Training was simplified with the detailed user manual and support resources on the website. All of our estimators picked up the program very quickly and were able to set up and complete a bid after one sample exercise. We like the flexibility and professional looking reports that can be generated from Prime Bid. I recommend Prime Bid to any construction firm looking for a bid day solution." — Meyer Najem, LLC, Matt Weaver, MCP - IT Manager   Read more »

  • Jeffrey Carr Construction

    "After using Prime Bid for several years, we have learned to depend on this application to keep us in the hunt! Bagging a trophy job by a minuscule margin is rewarding. In these days having this advantage means getting profitable jobs in a tough market. We expect to use Prime Bid for this entire decade." — Jeffrey Carr Construction, Eric Binsley, Estimator   Read more »

  • R&O Construction

    "We have production bid 250 hard bids a year with Prime Bid for the last five years. We have saved an incredible amount of money by having better production from our employees and by having tight, accurate bids without errors." — R&O Construction, Jim Sisco, IT Manager   Read more »

  • Branco Enterprises

    "We use Prime Bid to get the best number for our company on bid day. Our company enjoys the flexibilities in Prime Bid since no two jobs are the same for us. We have found a new level of flexibility since we implemented Prime Bid." — Branco Enterprises, Brian Lechner   Read more »

  • Fenix Constructors

    Fenix Constructors, Inc. works with Prime Software to enhance and improve Prime Bid.

    "Here at Fenix Constructors we spent a long time searching for a software application would help us process our bid day needs. We wanted additional features in the software," Mike O'Rourke. "The folks at Prime Software listened to our requests and those suggestions showed up in the software. We need the flexibility and capabilities that Prime Bid offers us. — Fenix Constructors, Inc., Mike O'Rourke"   Read more »

  • Gerald Martin General Contractors

    We participate full-time in the public and private competitive bid market in New Mexico. We bid jobs from $2 million to $50+ million. Most public jobs are burdened with any number of bid document requirements. Also, New Mexico law requires that all subcontract bids over 0.5% of the bid be listed on our bid form.

    "Prime Bid affords the opportunity for multiple estimators to work on the same bid. They are working in a live estimate, giving us immediate updates as last bids are received. "We have to complete the bid total, provide a list of subs and have alternates together all at the same time," says Steve Collins, "Prime Bid allows us to accomplish tasks in an organized fashion." — Gerald A. Martin, Ltd., Steve Collins   Read more »

  • Hayner Hoyt Construction

    HHC had been preparing competitive bids using a standard spreadsheet to add up the numbers. HHC bids jobs of all sizes. Now using Prime Bid, HHC has a handle on the scope of the sub bids and compare bids in an organized system that allows them to know that the bid is complete with costs for every section.

    The boss wants to know the score at several times during the processing of the bid. His questions concerning the scope of the sub bids and the completeness of the bid are answered on the matrix recap filter. Before we had to dig around in the faxes to answer the owner's questions, now we just zero in on what he's looking for and we can easily answer his questions," says Brian. "We have a new level of communication on bid day, we have gone from chaos to determined purpose." — Hayner Hoyt Corporation, Brian Kenney   Read more »

  • L & L Builders Co.

    "Shortly after our initial training we began using Prime Bid to bid jobs at a basic level," says Dana Rand. After gaining some experience we implemented the more sophisticated features that help us bid the more complicated bid requirements. The developer of Prime Bid listened to our suggestions and changed the software meet the bid document requirements that we really benefit from." — L&L Builders, Dana Rand   Read more »

  • LFC has prepared competitive bids for over 30 years in the $5 million to $15 million job range. Using Prime Bid, the LFC team now divides up the bid input and the bid analysis on several machines thus eliminating the bottleneck of inputting bids into one machine.

    The multi-user aspect of Prime Bid allows LFC to have several people in the bid at one time; this allows us to spend more time managing the bid, while the other team members are cramming sub bids into machines. Everyone is contributing to completing the bid. "This is a whole new ball game where I overview the bid and get the information about who, what and where the solutions are coming from," says Mark. This new capability is of a great benefit to us." — Leo Finnegan Construction, Mark Hoffman   Read more »

  • Lincoln Builders

    "Each Bid that we approach is unique, Prime Bid is flexible enough to fit the jobs that we bid and still gives a structure to work within," says Dan Morrow.

    "Our team is able to process the bids on bid day to give us the competitive advantage that we need in the bid market." — Lincoln Builders, Dan Morrow   Read more »

  • Lou Liberti finds that the organization of bid sections in a matrix allow him to efficiently analyze single section and lump sum bids to come to the best possible solution. "I find the bid analysis process difficult enough do on paper, paper systems drive me nuts when I need the number NOW," says Lou. "Prime Bid gives me the low solution every time I input a bid. This has tremendous value to me."

    Lou values the calculations that Prime Bid provides, since they help him to sharpen his pencil and bid as low as possible. Lou says, "You've got to have the right tool to get the job done, Prime Bid is the right tool for preparing a competitive bid." — Lou Liberti   Read more »

  • Mid-States

    "Here at Mid-States the team that assembles our bids was able to use Prime Bid within one week of getting it," Gary Sebens. "To me that is the definition of user-friendly software. We process our bids now with an easier to get a more sophisticated result." — Mid States Construction, Gary Sebens   Read more »

  • Spectrum Contracting

    "We bought the software on Friday and won our first bid the following Thursday," Don Tucker. "The best thing about it was that we were 1/4 of 1% low on an 18 million dollar job! Prime Bid has made us razor sharp in our day process." — Spectrum Contracting, Don Tucker   Read more »

  • Story Construction

    "I have found Prime Bid to be a great bid day tool," says Mark Kutchen. "The computer can solve for mathematical solutions for the bid packages (matrices) so much faster than I can that I found more time to quality of the sub bids to make the important judgment calls that make or break our bids." — Story Construction, Mark Kutchen   Read more »

  • Crowe Group Inc

    "We integrated our estimating software with Prime Bid to transfer the costs from our detailed estimate into a Prime Bid matrix," says Tim Crowe. "Of course we bought Prime Bid for the power of the bid matrices assembling a bid on bid day, Prime Bid has made a difference in the quality and reliability of our bid numbers." — The Crowe Group, Timothy Crowe   Read more »

  • Walsh Construction

    "I approach a competitive bid with all of the information that I can get together before bid day," says Chuck Holcom. With Prime Bid, I am able to bid with confidence, knowing that there are no math errors and all of my judgment calls are implemented. The Prime Bid systematic method helps me get all of the value out of my preparation without any waste of time or effort." — Walsh Construction, Chuck Holcom   Read more »

  • Waters Corporation

    Waters Corporation was looking for a way to tighten up their bidding process and their bids. They invested 120 hours custom programming an Excel spreadsheet, but it never completely provided them the solution they were looking for.

    Then Waters Corporation discovered Prime Bid. One of their first observations was that Prime Bid was going to be a cost savings over custom programming. As Waters Corp. began to successfully generate bids they also found that an advantage Prime Bid offered was its structured architecture. Mark Waters says "Prime Bid's structured approach for setting up sections of work and bid packages makes me focus on each bid setup. That investment pays off on bid day as I have a great grasp of the scope of work and a clear set of expectations to measure progress." — Waters Corporation, Mark Waters   Read more »