8 Reasons

Why You Should Buy Prime Bid

  1. Your company spends $5,000 - $15,000 to put a bid together, why not use the best tool to produce your number with the best analysis with no errors. It all comes down to the last 30 minutes on bid day to get it right, no other system can assist you with the details required on bid day like Prime Bid can.
  2. Standardize on a system developed by professional bidders. Prime Bid has a short learning curve. You can learn to bid on Prime Bid within a week. Prime Bid gives you the invitation to bid and bid day analysis solution and also integrates with popular estimating software.
  3. Eliminate math errors by having a system where you do not have to write any formulas or tell someone what your calculated number is. The mistakes and transposition errors made via verbal communication with homemade spreadsheets make it well worth having a system with fixed and error-free math.
  4. Eliminates clerical work or manual calculations to let you focus on judgment calls. A lot of time is wasted in ten-keying solutions to a group of bids. Instead the team members can analyze options and bids to a greater degree to come up with the most competitive solution.
  5. Complete your bid with the best bid analysis with qualified scopes. Most bid errors come from the gotchas in a sub's bid scope, more time is spent with an automated scope item analysis performed by the team member to elminate gotchas.
  6. Manage and calculate the alternates with automated tools that can process the alternates in bid closing in seconds, require the low base bidder and anlayze for a competitive advantage by the non low base bidder, bid the base bid and the alternates with your best number.
  7. Work as a team over a network in a dynamic multi-user system to have each team member enter or analyze the bid. This allows for the distribution of the bid day work load to a team of people with the analysis available electronically to the bid captain.
  8. Review automated detailed information for owner supplied breakdowns, bid items, DBE goals, subcontractor listings and other complex bid document requirements in seconds. Prime Bid is designed to complete the difficult analysis to fill in your bid documents in the last few minutes.

More Reasons Why Prime Bid is Your Best Solution

  1. Specialized Tool for General Contractors
  2. Automates the Bidding Process to a set of Standards
  3. Multi-user Team Effort
  4. Organized Tool with No Programming Required
  5. Eliminates Errors Encountered with Spreadsheet Systems
  6. System that Retains the Information
  7. Difficult Detailed Processes are Automated

Prime Bid is a tool specifically designed by general contractors to optimize results on bid day to produce the best, lowest number — your right number. The automation of the bidding process through one electronic file allows each of the team members to have a standardized, stable method to produce a bid, it becomes a cohesive team effort instead of a fragmented process.

Prime Bid allows a team of people to work together in one file where each team member analyzes sub bids with scope qualifications to produce the best number for specific bid packages. With Prime Bid the work of all of the team members is captured as it is produced and is able to be reviewed by all involved. All of the organization of the bid specification sections and the math formulas are handled by the software, eliminating errors caused by having to reprogram a spreadsheet in the middle of bid day. Prime Bid eliminates errors found with paper-based systems and/or single-user spreadsheet systems, since all of the work is stored in the bid file instead of verbally yelled across the room or analyzed from a mess of papers.

The processing and management of alternates, DBE goals, work breakdown structures, bid items, unit prices and subcontractor listings is all designed to be performed in literally seconds time, which is impossible in a manual system. This system allows GC's to sleep at night after winning a bid competition by being the low bidder.

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