Broadcast Fax Service

Your High-Speed Solution

Broadcast Fax Service: Send hundreds of high-speed faxes in minutes with our fax service

Prime Software offers a high-speed broadcast fax service initiated from within Prime Bid or Prime Fax. Users of either software will define a project database by selecting subcontractors and suppliers for the project from a master vendor database. An invitation to bid, notice of addenda, notice of bid change or any another communication can be sent to this select list of subs/suppliers via our fax service. Attachments can also be added to the cover letter/notice and be sent through the service. An intuitive wizard will step you through completing a broadcast job in Prime Bid or Prime Fax. The service is fast: normally the job is completed within a half hour of receipt. Every user of the high-speed broadcast fax service will have to set up an account with Prime Software.

High-speed Broadcast Fax Account & Fees

The costs for the high-speed broadcast fax services is based upon your annual volume. There are three levels of volume to get to the per page fax service fee.

Price per page: 5.9 cents
Starting deposit: $500

Attachments of multiple pages can be added to the broadcast fax job at the per page price. When you send a job from Prime Bid to the high-speed service, your account will be debited for the job.

A resulting send/fail report will be emailed to you at your designated email account.

To view a web demonstration of the Prime Software subcontractor/supplier database and broadcast fax invitation process, call Prime Software at (888) 866-4580.

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