Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Prime Bid automatically calculate the cheapest subcontractor bids for a bid package?

Yes, each time a subcontractor or supplier bid is entered into a matrix, Prime Bid will re-calculate the matrix to see if that bid is part of a new low solution.

Prime Bid calculates the cheapest bid from all subcontractor bids

This screenshot shows four subs used to complete a solution.

2. Do I have to accept the solutions made by Prime Bid?

No, you can accept the low solution for the matrix, or you can require a bid or exclude a bid that will change the solution to the "best" solution for the matrix.

You do not have to accept the lowest solution in Prime Bid

The screen above shows Barclay Dean "Required" (Blue), they were the lowest bidder with the approved manufacturer, the low solution using advanced was overridden by requiring Barclay Dean's bid. Notice that the current solution exceeds the best solution by $22,488.

3. How do I account for scope issues in a bid?

Prime Bid has scope item worksheets that identify the quantity, unit price and extension value for a scope issue. These values can be customized for each bid.

Prime Bid makes it easy to account for scope items in a bid

The screen above shows the matrix in "vertical view". The sections have the scope items beneath them for adjusting the total bid for each vendor. The scope item values can be customized and changed on the fly.

4. Can several people be in the bid file inputting bids together?

Yes, Prime Bid is a multi-user software program designed to have multiple team members inputting bids into one bid file on a network.

Prime Bid is a true multi-user program that will let you have all your bidders in the same bid simultaneously

The screen above shows the matrices that each of the users can edit when they are logged into the bid file.

5. Do I have to write any formulas in Prime Bid?

No, all of the math formulas are embedded inside of Prime Bid, you cannot create formulas with errors.

6. Can I setup a bid in the 48 division CSI format?

Yes, Prime Bid comes with a list for the 16 division CSI format and a list for the 48 division CSI format.

7. Can I transfer my detailed estimate sections, items & costs into Prime Bid?

Yes, you can transfer sections and cost items from Timberline Estimating or MC2-ICE into Prime Bid. The phases/major sections will show up as sections in Prime Bid and takeoff items will import as scope items.

8. Can I have alternate bids in Prime Bid?

Yes, alternates in Prime Bid are parallel bids to the base bid. The alternates have a unique set of sections and summary view, but are linked via the matrices.

9. How do I close out alternates in Prime Bid?

There is an automated way with one button click to require all of the low base bidder's alternate bids in all the alternates, just two seconds to complete the job.

10. Does Prime Bid help me calculate DBE goals?

Yes, each subcontractor and supplier can have a DBE type, these bids are analyzed and the best fit solution (lowest premium) is presented to meet the goal.

11. Can I have a place for a custom owner supplied sort in Prime Bid?

Prime Bid has a user defined sort called Bid Breakdown. The bid can be re-sorted by this WBS and addons allocated to show the total costs.

12. Can I have a list of bid items & calculate bid item unit prices in Prime Bid?

Yes, There is a user definable list of bid items with quantities that will produce unit prices, including gross unit prices when the addons are allocated.

13. Is there a step rate bond calculator?

There is a step rate bond calculation method in Prime Bid for generating the correct bonding costs, this calculation can be applied to the total bid amount.

14. Is there one window where I see all of the bid information for my bid runner?

The Tabulation Window in Prime Bid shows the total bid amounts for the base bid, alternates, sub listing, bid breakdowns, bid items and DBE bids used.

15. Is it hard to change the top sheet calculation at bid closing?

The summary view addons can be changed by typing in the % value, or total amount. There's a final cut/add line for adjustments or simply type the total bid in.

16. What type of reports do I get out of Prime Bid?

There are pre-built reports from the reports menu, each view is printable and there are over 30 filters (layouts) that are printable.

17. Can I preview reports & force a report to fit to page?

There are several printing options including print preview, fit to page, definable headers/footers, custom column width editing and status bar options.

18. Can I create a job cost budget within Prime Bid & export it?

Prime Bid has a job cost phase list (this list is importable) from which phases can be assigned to sections, then the budget is exported to job cost software.

19. How do I make an invitation to bid list of subcontractors?

Subs are selected from a master database and added to a bid specific list. You can lookup subs via criteria like CSI section, area code, rating, DBE, etc.

20. How do I send an invitation to bid?

There is a six step wizard in Prime Bid that allows you to process the invitation via broadcast fax or broadcast e-mail using a Word document as your template.

21. Does Prime Bid have a built-in subcontractor database (list)?

You can purchase subcontractor databases from Prime Software, these lists came from GC's and have sections assigned and a high % of e-mail addresses.

22. Can I import a subcontractor list into Prime Bid?

Yes, there is a database import tool where the fields for an import are defined and the list is imported, your list only needs to be in a .csv format file.

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