Introduction to Prime Software

About Prime Software

Prime Software is the leading and only provider of Windows-based bidding software that analyzes subcontractor bid packages in solution matrices. With decades of experience in construction software, Prime Software's practical designers and staff bring simple solutions to the complex process of general contractor's competitive bidding.

About Prime Bid

Prime Bid: a truly an all-in-one software solution for managing, analyzing, and organizing bids.

Prime Bid is a complete bidding software system for Prime Contractors to use in competitive bids, negotiated bids, construction management and design build environments. Make your bid day analysis easier.

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About Prime Fax

Prime Fax: manage subcontractors and suppliers, and send invitations to bids, addenda, and any other documents to them via customizable high-speed broadcast fax or free emails.

Prime Fax allows you to manage invitations to suppliers and subcontractors. This software will allow you to communicate the flow of information during the invitation to bid process, allowing your ITB to become sharper and more error free than ever before.

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About Prime Database

Prime Database: high-quality and always kept up to date, our database of over 100,000 subs/suppliers with over 70,000 emails can keep you competitive.

Prime Software's hard-drive-based database contains over 100,000 vendors with 70,000+ emails. Each vendor has been called on by a phone team to increase the integrity of the data. The database is refined on a quarterly basis, so you know your invitations will make it out to a large audience of subs/suppliers.

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Prime Software Training & Resources

Prime Software offers valuable training services and resources for you to use in learning about our software.

We made our products to be the best and our goal is to help you be the best, which is why we have a comprehensive knowledge base here on our website as well as webinars and support forums. Have a question or concern? Check out the knowledgebase.

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Thank you for your interest in Prime Software. Users of our software products have sent in testimonials and we love to hear from them. Click the read more button to see the compliments we've received so far.

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Software Bundles

Prime Software gives its customers software bundle solutions. These bundles make it easy to have a complete solution to your competitive or negotiated bid needs. Other products and services can be acquired in order to make implementation of your bid process easier.

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