Prime Software News

Off for Christmas and New Years

December 2015

Prime Software will be from December 24 through January 1 as we celebrate the holidays with our friends and family. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2016.

Prime Bid 9.0 Released

March 2015

After hearing many feature suggestions from our users, we took the best and most frequently requested of them and built them into Prime Bid. Prime Bid 9.0 is now ready to go and includes many new useful features to help you prepare for and execute your bids. From a scope items database to six-digit sections in the vendor databases, you'll want to check out the new features here. If you are ready to upgrade, continue to your download page, download the update and install it over top your current installation.

2014 Vendor Database Updates Complete

December 2013

We have completed vendor database research on all of our nationwide databases, updating records that have changed, adding new records we have gotten, and removing companies that are no longer in business. You can see the current counts of our databases by clicking here. We will be sending out these database updates in January 2014 to our current customers. If you are interested in purchasing a database from us, feel free to call us at (888) 866-4580. If you would like to calculate how much it would cost to purchase one more vendor databases, visit our Prime Fax Purchase Wizard.

Prime Bid 8.2 Released

December 2013

We've released Prime Bid 8.2 (which you can download here) to include many features requested by our users. Most of these features revolve around the invitation to bid process and bid closing. Some of the features include multiple partial DBE bids, new manufacturer filters, the ability to send invites to a specific set of vendors in your bid vendor database and a radius lookup tool to filter vendors geographically. Take a look at all the additions and changes in the release notes to see what else we've added to Prime Bid in order to make your bidding process easy, complete and error free.

Prime Bid 8.1 Released!

January 2013

Prime Bid 8.1 is available for download here. This new version includes several large features that have been requested by our customers. The biggest of which is vertical view by default in the Matrices view. Now you can view, add, remove, and edit scope items without opening a second popup window, right from within the Matrices view! There are many more features which you can read about in the release notes. Feel free to give us a call at (888) 866-4580 to discuss Prime Bid 8.1.

Mid-Year Database Update Complete

July 2012

Prime Software has now expanded our subcontractor/vendor databases to include over 125,000 companies with over 100,000 current email addresses. Give us a call if you would like more details: (888) 866-4580

Prime Fax Version 3.0 Released

June 2011

Prime Fax 3.0 has just been released! Lots of new features to keep your invitation to bid process running smoothly. A brand new broadcast wizard has been developed to help you quickly set up both faxes and emails. We've also added a feature that lets you synchronize our vendor database updates with your existing vendor database, keeping all of your own changes while including ours. There are many more improvements that have been made to Prime Fax which you can read about in the release notes.

New Prime Bid Brochure

May 2011

We've created a new brochure for Prime Bid. It contains 24 pages of information, diagrams, user testimonials and graphics to show you the powerful capabilities Prime Bid has to let your company win bids.

Download our new Prime Bid Brochure! Here are a couple sample pages out of the brochure. Click on them to view a larger image.

Matrix View

Bid Day Analysis and Solution Matrices

Our one page brochure is still available to download by clicking here.

Over Three Hours of Training Videos Added

October 2010

We have just added over three hours (186 minutes and 1 second if you're picky!) of training videos for Prime Bid. There are four main topics. Each topic contains four videos. Each video has on average three to five subtopics within it. Then, in addition to that, we have eight advanced video topics so you can take full advantage of what Prime Bid has to offer. The video topics are these:

Within each video, once the video has downloaded, you can skip to the specific section you want to learn about. Keep an eye on the videos page, because we will be adding more advanced topics soon! We hope these are useful to you, and if they are, or if you have any questions about them or Prime Bid, feel free to contact us.

Prime Software Hires Two New Guys to the Team

August 2010

Prime Software has always been about satisfying the needs of our customers, and, as business grows, more is required from the company to keep that vision going. Prime Software has hired Gabriel and Ben to help bring the company to the next level. Read their bios below to learn a little about them and how they are helping Prime Software.

Gabriel Beahler

Business Administrator

Gabriel graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Political Economics and a minor in Non-profit Management. His many previous jobs have given him the experience to fill important roles at Prime Software. Gabe's responsibilities include managing the training and support of Prime Fax, assisting in technical support for Prime Bid, as well as many general business responsibilities including bookkeeping, accounts payable, database management, and product fulfillment. He wants to make sure Prime Software listens to its customers. "Some of the best input for our software comes from our customers. This input is crucial in our product development, ensuring that we are the one and only solution contractors turn to for their advanced bid analysis needs." He is excited to be able to share Prime Bid and Prime Fax with customers, and likes seeing how the software can make their jobs easier.

Much of Gabe's free time is occupied with sports and outdoor activities. He likes fishing, loves playing sports, going surfing, camping and hiking, longboarding, and traveling. When it's nice out, he can be seen riding his scooter around town, and he loves to spend time with his wife. He's up for trying just about anything.

Favorite bands: John Foreman, Switchfoot, Falling Up
Favorite movies: Gladiator, Shooter, Tommy Boy
Favorite TV shows: The Office, Arrested Development, Big Bang Theory
Favorite sports: soccer, football, softball

Ben Carlson

Marketing Specialist and Support Technician

Ben has a degree in Scientific and Technical Communication (with a concentration in Computer Science) from Michigan Technological University. He has been developing websites and other communication documents professionally for over five years. His main responsibilities at Prime Software include updating and maintaining the website, revising software documentation and help files, creating promotional marketing media, and technical support. He hopes to help Prime Software modernize all its marketing materials and documents that are visible to customers, as well as improve internal workflows to make sure the software development and updating process runs smoothly.

Ben never has enough time to do everything he likes to do, which includes skateboarding, snowboarding, soccer, volleyball, footbag, computer and console (and other, more nerdy) games, discovering new movies and music, personal website projects, camping and backpacking, riding his scooter, and racing his remote control car.

Favorite bands: Clutch, Pelican, Explosions in the Sky
Favorite movies: Donnie Darko, Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, The Fountain
Favorite TV shows: Big Bang Theory, Man vs. Wild, Curb Your Enthusiasm
Favorite sports: soccer, skateboarding, volleyball

New Website, New Offices and a New Version: Prime Bid has Come of Age!

Welcome to Prime Software's new website. Take time to browse around. You will find new information about the various products available to make your bid life easier and efficient. The new website contains some many quick to find answers from the 20 faqs to eight reasons you need Prime Bid. Prime Software products help you to work smarter and not harder.

Seven Years in the Making! Prime Bid Becomes 7.1

Over 150 bids a week being done with Prime Bid. Prime Bid has become the mature bid analysis program. With it being Multi-user you can easily input bids as a team and at the same time do your intuitive analysis from your computer while the final decision maker from his own office.

Prime Bid is a customer-driven software. It is a tool specifically designed by General Contractors to optimize results on bid day to produce the best lowest number.

We Value Customer Feedback

The goal is to make this the most useful piece of software for our customers and so we work with them and utilize suggestions for feature enhancements. In the past two versions of our software there have been nearly 80 customer suggested improvements.

Our New Offices

You can see our new offices on the contact page of the website. We are expanding and needed more room. Having new offices is just another step on the continued road of progress for a growing company that is meeting the needs of its clients in the times in which we live in.