Prime Bid vs. Spreadsheets

Prime Bid is far superior to using spreadsheets to calculate your bids. Find out more below.

Prime Bid is a software application dedicated to the process of preparing a competitive bid. Because Prime Bid's unique features are tailored to the bid process and the construction industry, you will find the following 30 items difficult or impossible to do with a construction cost spreadsheet application. When you compare using Prime Bid to using spreadsheets, you will find that Prime Bid helps you make better decisions, increase productivity and eliminate costly errors.

Make Better Decisions

Increase Productivity

Eliminate Costly Errors

Would a better analysis help you win more jobs?

If the bids you prepared were one-half of 1 percent lower by having a better analysis with the same overhead and profit, how many jobs would you have won in the last year where you were second?

Would elimination of math errors save you money?

Would you feel more comfortable about your bids if you new that they were complete without math errors and bid at your fee number?

Are you bidding the alternates as competitively as you could?

Are your alternate bids optimized? Would an automated system to recalculate the alternates while closing your bid make your bids of a higher quality. How many jobs did you lose in the last year because of the owner selecting a group of alternates that made you not low?

How much have spreadsheet errors cost you?

Over the last five years, can you calculate the cost of mistakes made via spreadsheet setup failure? Would an error-proof system save you a lot of money?

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