Prime Bid

Win more bids with Prime Bid!

Get the competitive edge through better analysis using this powerful tool.

Prime Bid: a complete bidding system for contractors.

Prime Bid gives you many bid advantages like using multiple subs to complete a bid package for the lowest possible number. Take out the gotchas with scope popups, auto-adjusted bid comparisons and cautionary colored alerts. Prime Bid's fixed math eliminates math errors and the need for calculators and complicated spreadsheets. The real-time multi-user capability allows multiple people to input, review and complete the bid at one time. Finish the bid in seconds with the auto-generated Alternates Analysis, DBE Goals, Sub Contractor Listings, Breakdowns and all other bid requirements. Stop the bid day chaos.

Manage DBE requirements easily with Prime Bid Prime Bid uses matrices to let you enter and manage bids Prime Bid lets you work with scope items and adjustments The sub bid filter shows all the various bids and their values, along with which sub/supplier has that bid The summary view gives a great overview of everything that's going on in the bid The tabular window is an easy readout for bid runners Vertical view allows you to see bids how you want to
  • Complete Integrated Bidding System
  • Manages & Analyzes Alternates
  • Creates Post Bid Vendor Bid History
  • Multi-user Team Play on Bid Day
  • Completes Complex Bid Doc Requirements
  • Consolidates Negotiated Bids & Prints Reports

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"Here at Mid-States the team that assembles our bid was able to use Prime Bid within one week of getting it", says Gary Sebens. "To me that is the definition of user friendly software. We process our bid now with an easier method to get a more sophisticated result." —Gary Sebens, Mid-States ConstructionRead more testimonials
Get the best numbers with Prime Bid's automatic fixed math

Best Numbers

Prime Bid has matrices that solve for the best mathematical solution for one or more subs/suppliers to complete a bid package. This allows for non obvious groups of subs to be used to come to the most competitive bid. Since the process is automatic, it is easy to be more competitive with less effort. The low bid best number is displayed in a green color. Your excluded bids are red and required bids are blue. Immediately know how those decisions affect the bid.

Stop the Errors

Eliminate input or sub number errors. A yellow color displays for a low bid that has been triggered by a cautionary percentage. This is a visual alert to check the numbers. Eliminate math errors because you do not have to write any formulas, all the math is fixed. Eliminate the gotchas in a sub's bid scopes. Create an accurate comparison of the bids with scope adjustments to make bids compare apples-to-apples. You instantly see the differences in scope of work, adjustments and the bid impact.

Team play means real simultaneous multi-user capabilities

Team Play

Prime Bid allows having several people in the bid at one time; this allows the decision maker to spend more time managing the bid, while the other team members are cramming sub bids into their machines. Everyone is contributing to completing the bid. The processing and reviewing of the bids are captured in real time, and able to be reviewed by all involved.


Prime Bid is built flexible enough to fit the job and your style of bidding, yet gives you the structure to work in. You have the flexibility to make critical changes on the fly and see their immediate affect on the bid. You can also view the bid how you want to in both horizontal and vertical views.

Prime Bid's built in invitation to bid saves you money

Cost Savings

Accurate bids save money and increase profits. Errors cost money. Produce more bids in less time to give you more chances to win bids. Prime Bid can cut the time it takes to bid in half, giving you enormous cost savings! Prime Bid comes with built-in ITB to allow you to get more sub bids in and become more competitive.

Integrated with other popular bidding software


Popular estimating software and spreadsheets import into Prime Bid. Just export from existing estimating software, transferring those costs over to Prime Bid, and start the bidding process.

Easily Manage Alternates

…and complex bid requirements: Prime Bid's automated detailed information functions manage and calculate the alternates, owner supplied breakdowns, bid items, DBE goals, subcontractor listings and other complex bid document requirements in seconds. Prime Bid is designed to complete the difficult analysis to fill in your bid documents in the last few minutes with just mouse clicks.

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