Prime Database

100,000+ subs/suppliers and 70,000+ emails

Learn why Prime Software's vendor database of more than 100,000 subcontractors and suppliers is a must have for competitive bid builders and construction management firms.
Prime Database: Our database of 100,00+ subs/suppliers is invaluable to competitive bidding

Prime Software has created pre-assembled hard-drive-based vendor databases for 53 sub-territories in the United States. The average vendor database for each territory has 6,000 subcontractors and suppliers. The gross count for the United States is over 100,000 vendors and 70,000 email addresses for commercial construction work. Each one of these subs/suppliers has been called on by our research team, and the database is continually being updated.

General contractors can purchase a vendor database for their home territory and purchase vendor databases for jobs outside their territories on a case-by-case basis. Since the vendor information came from GCs, data for many include CSI work sections, contacts and email addresses.

Use our databases in our invitation to bid software

Our databases are created for use with Prime Fax, our invitation to bid software. Prime Fax manages the information flow between subs and suppliers by allowing you to easily select a subset of job-specific vendors, and send them invitations to bid or other documents. You can then track vendor status updates, and much more! We do not collect vendors that you add to Prime Bid or changes that you have made to our databases.

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