Prime Fax

Make Invitations to Bid Easy!

Send ITBs, track responses, update databases and more with Prime Fax.

Prime Fax: invitation to bid solicitation and management solution.

Prime Fax is a complete solution for invitations to bid (ITB). This software will allow you to send out bid invitations and manage the flow of information during the bid proposal process, allowing your ITB to become virtually error free.

  • Send faxes, emails or both
  • Filter a master list to create a job-specific list
  • Each job can have its own job-specific list
  • Sort the master database by CSI, Region or Customer
  • Filter vendors by criteria for easy list creation
  • Criteria includes State, Area Code, Union, DBE, and more
  • Easy step-by-step wizard produces broadcast fax/email
  • Customize the fax to include company logo and graphics/formatting
  • High-speed broadcast fax service
  • Full vendor contact information in records

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"Prime Software's invitation to bid solution is great! It's easy to create an invite list with their sort options and lookup criteria. I can quickly filter down the list by a sub's type of work or the region they are from, so I only send to relevant subs and suppliers. Their fax service is great and it's nice that we can send out emails for free. The software helps me cut down on the amount of time and money we would have to spend if we were doing it all manually."
—Kevin Fromm, BristolRead more testimonials

Prime Fax is uniquely designed to assist you in completing an invitation to bid via email, fax or a combination of both. Using a master vendor database as a starting point, Prime Fax allows you to create job-specific bid vendor databases to send invitations and other information to. Use our subcontractor database of more than 100,000 vendors, or import your own spreadsheet of contacts.

  • Edit or add vendors on the fly
  • Import/export vendor database to .txt file
  • Automatic vendor history and custom notes in records
  • Multiple lists for CSI, Regions & Customers
  • 10 contacts per vendor with phone, extension, mobile, email
  • Automatic vendor lookup in matrices (Prime Bid only)
  • Vendor phone list for each matrix (Prime Bid only)

Bid invitations are created as Word documents, so you can customize the invitation with your company's logo, contact information, job information, etc. You can then track bid confirmations or send addenda if needed. Prime Fax lets you track CSI sections, DBE goals and more. You can edit the database and export it to Excel. You can also track and change vendor information after bid day and sync it with your master database to keep your information up to date.

Prime Fax is a standalone product, but is included in our bid analysis software Prime Bid. Save time, avoid errors and streamline your ITB process by integrating Prime Fax into your bid solicitation process. Try Prime Fax today!

Prime Fax's broadcast wizard walks you through a simple process to get your invitations out Easily create job-specific vendor databases by filtering vendors down with logical categorizations Track vendor responses by changing their status in one of the many filters Add notes to a vendor so you can know what contact you've had with them

Lookup Criteria

Lookup criteria allows you to temporarily pare down your master vendor database so you can select specific vendors to add to an invitation list. You may want to see only vendors with a certain DBE type, or you may want to find vendors from certain divisions or sections. There are many more ways you can filter vendors: area codes, states, zip codes, and customizable fields like work regions, customers, vendor ratings, or user customizable fields that you've defined.

Vendor Info Tabs

All of a vendor's information can be viewed and modified using these vendor info tabs. There are nine tabs that categorize the vendor's information: the Company tab where information like company phone, fax, address and other info can be found; the Contacts tab where you can store individual contact information; the User tab where user-defined fields can be used; the DBE Info tab where you can store standard and custom DBE statuses and registration numbers; the Sections tab where each vendor can be assigned multiple sections; the Regions tab where you can custom define work regions; the Customers tab where you can assign vendors preferred customers; the Notes tab where notes on the vendor are stored; and the History tab where vendor history is stored.

Track Bid Results

After an invitation has been sent out and you start receiving reponses from subcontractors, you can use Prime Fax's filters to start tracking the results of your invitation. Each vendor is set to a status of Not Contacted initially, but you can change that status to Confirmed Yes, Confirmed No, Needs Plans, and/or Has Plans. You can then use the filters to, for example, print out a list of vendors who have not contacted you back so you can call them and get a response.

Broadcast Wizard

Prime Fax's broadcast wizard walks you through sending out an invitation. You can send out faxes only, emails only, a combination of both or use a vendor's preferred method of contact. You're also able to select your merge-field ready Word template and, if you're sending emails, decide how to handle subcontractors with multiple contacts. Sending an invitation to bid has never been easier!

After you track changes and make edits to vendors in your bid vendor database, update your master database with these changes in one simple click!

Update Master Database

While you're running an invitation to bid campaign, you may find the need to update contact information for certain subcontractors who have had employees leave or phone numbers changed. You can do this by making edits to your job-specific bid vendor database, and then sending those updates to the master vendor database so your company's master vendor database is always up to date.

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