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Prime Bid

Prime Bid: a truly an all-in-one software solution for managing, analyzing, and organizing bids.

There's no reason why bid day can't be your best day with Prime Bid. Our competitive bid analysis software has been helping builders reach their winning bid number quickly and easily for years. Prime Bid is truly an all-in-one software solution for the entire bid process.

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Prime Fax

Prime Fax: manage subcontractors and suppliers, and send invitations to bids, addenda, and any other documents to them via customizable high-speed broadcast fax or free emails.

Prime Fax is a complete solution for managing invitations to suppliers and subcontractors. This software will allow you to communicate and manage the flow of information during the invitation to bid process, allowing your ITB to become sharper and more error-free than ever before.

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Prime Database

Prime Database: high-quality and always kept up to date, our database of over 100,000 subs/suppliers with over 70,000 emails can keep you competitive.

Learn why Prime Software's vendor database of more than 100,000 subcontractors, with more than 70,000 emails, is a must for competitive bid builders and construction management firms.

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Broadcast Fax Service

Broadcast Fax Service: send high-speed broadcast faxes in minutes with our service.

Prime Software offers a high-speed broadcast fax service initiated from within Prime Bid or Prime Fax. Users of Prime Bid will define a project database by selecting subcontractors and suppliers for the project from a master vendor database. An invitation to bid, notice of addenda, notice of bid change or another one-page communication can be sent to this select list of subcontractors and suppliers via our high-speed broadcast fax service.

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Implementation & Training

Prime Bid is a straightforward Windows program. If you have a high level of confidence with Windows applications and construction bidding, then you could learn Prime Bid on your own. There is a sample exercise that ships with the software that can be worked through in a 4 to 6 hour time frame. If you want to attend training in person, you have three options: on-site training, classroom training or Internet training. All of these options are for a maximum of two days. Many Prime Bid users have purchased the software and used it within a week to complete a competitive bid. Others have bid a negotiated job (soft closing) as a way of becoming familiar with Prime Bid. Another strategy is to reproduce a recently completed bid. Still another is to run Prime Bid in parallel with your existing method to become familiar with how Prime Bid works on bid day. Any one of these strategies or a combination will get you up and running quickly. Find out more by following the link below.

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