Prime Bid Training

Many Prime Bid users learn 90% of Prime Bid by themselves using the various resources we provide. Below you will find those resources, along with options to be professionally trained by Prime Software. We are always available to answer questions you have.

Learn Prime Bid on Your Own

Creating a bid vendor database from a list of subcontractors and suppliers

Training Videos

Twenty-four training videos walk you through all of the primary functionality in Prime Bid. After watching these, you should be confident creating, running, and closing a bid.
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Practice using Prime Bid with our sample exercise

Sample Exercise

Our Prime Bid sample exercise is extremely helpful for learning Prime Bid. It runs you through an entire real-life bid, and includes bid files that are saved out at various stages of the bid. You can follow it exactly, or you can take one of your past bids and run through it with your own information.
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Read through Prime Bid's documentation to gain a full understanding of the software


For the more ambitious person, we have a complete user manual for Prime Bid. Over 300 pages cover Prime Bid with a high level of detail. The documentation also contains the Prime Bid and Prime Fax sample exercises, as well as the sections list that comes with Prime Bid.
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Let us Help You Learn

Phone & Online Training

A license of Prime Bid comes with one free year of Tech Support & Maintenance. This TS&M includes unlimited phone support. We can help you with areas of Prime Bid that you may get stuck on. If we need to, we can hop on your computer using a web-powered remote desktop applet and address your situation right there in your working environment. All of this is available to help you become confident using Prime Bid.

Call us at (888) 866-4580 or click the Live Support button above.

On-site Training Options

There are three options based on the number of days for on-site Prime Bid training. Classes are on-site and can be performed in a conference room style set of presentations. Classes are altered to address the customer's specific needs from the generic outlines below. Classes are performed by a certified Prime Bid trainer. Class costs include travel costs for the trainer. Separate arrangements can be made for groups larger than 6 people or for groups that want to meet in a classroom environment where machines will be provided. A trainer will bring a projector, participants will be responsible to have Prime Bid loaded on their machines to work through the exercises during the training.

Pre-Class Preparation Self Training Options

A bid team member can prepare for an upcoming class by performing the sample exercise provided with Prime Bid. This sample exercise can be found in the Prime Bid installation folder — normally C:\Program Files\Prime Bid\Sample Exercise. The sample exercise takes between 6-10 hours to complete. Another option is to watch the Prime Bid training videos on the website (There are 24 topical training videos, a total of 3 hours)

Typical Training Scenarios

Options for training include performing several one day training classes in intervals, or having a two or three day training class performed at one time.

A two day training class would normally consist of two one day classes described below. The most common combination would be:

  • Setting Up a Bid and Processing bids in Prime Bid
  • Closing Elements in Prime Bid

A three day training class would normally consist of the two days listed above followed by an on-site bid day assistance by the Trainer.

Training Class Costs

All training class costs include travel and per diem costs for the trainer.

One Day On-site Training $1,800.00
Two Day On-site Training $3,300.00
Three Day On-site Training      $4,800.00
Additional Trainer per day $1,200.00

Additional time for an on-site bid setup for a more complex bid can be provided for the costs of $150.00/hour.

Standard One Day Class Outlines

Introduction to Prime Bid

This class endeavors to expose the students to the invitation to bid, bid setup, sections setup, addons setup, matrices setup and bid input. Also the setup of a multi-user bid file and alternates setup is included. This is a global overview with short exercises limited by the one day nature of the class. This class is suited to participants that are brand new to Prime Bid

Setting Up a Bid and Processing bids in Prime Bid

This class demonstrates the detailed setup of sections, addons, matrices and other key components of a bid file. The class will focus on the specific setup of a bid file provided by the company being trained with detailed instruction on bid setup technique for that specific bid type. The input of bids into Prime Bid individually and the review of bids by the bid captain. This class is suited to participants that have spent 12 hours reviewing Prime Bid prior to the class.

Closing Elements in Prime Bid

This class will focus on the input of information and analysis regarding alternates, DBE analysis, subcontractor listing, bid breakdown structures and final summaries and bid adjustments. This class is intended to take an existing team of Prime Bid users and train them on how to setup the closing elements in the bid and then to perform the actual closing analysis to complete a bid. Team members should have closed at least five bids in Prime Bid before attending this class.

Consultation on the Use of Prime Bid

This class is an open forum between the trainer and participants to answer questions on specific topics to bring a team of users to a better understanding of the operation of Prime Bid. Questions and/or topics are submitted before the class allowing the trainer to focus on the team's specific needs and explore related topics as the discussion expands.

Bid Day Assistance by the Trainer

This is the participation on an actual bid by the trainer to help resolve questions through the entire day on how Prime Bid functions. A recap of the bid day effort is performed after the completion of the bid.