Solution Videos

These three videos detail how Prime Software can provide you with a bid day analysis solution, a invitation to bid solution, and prebuilt subcontractor databases. We know bid day is rough—we're out to make it as painless as possible by providing you with the tools to produce tight bids and manage every aspect of bid preparation and bid day. Watch these videos to get a better understanding what we can provide you with. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (888) 866-4580 or ask us via our contact form.

Bid Day Analysis Solution (35:00)

Our bid day analysis solution lets you input bids from subs/suppliers and automatically see the low solution
  1. Bid organization
  2. Bid analysis
  3. Bid review
  4. Bid closing
  5. Bid day tool benefits

Invitation to Bid Solution (16:31)

Our invitation to bid solution helps you control the flow of information to and from subs/suppliers, and track bid confirmation statuses
  1. Invitation list selection
  2. Broadcast fax / email wizard
  3. Confirmation tracking / phone calling
  4. Vendor records

Prebuilt Subcontractor Databases (4:39)

Prebuilt subcontractor databases help you invite more subs/suppliers and win more bids with tighter numbers
  1. Lists created from GCs
  2. Updated via phone calling / research
  3. List contents
  4. List counts
  5. Database synchronization

Over three hours of Prime Bid training videos

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If you to see more about Prime Bid, we have 24 training videos available. Topics range from sending a broadcast email or fax, to inputting and analyzing bids, or tracking your DBE status. Check out the video page.