Prime Fax Training Videos

Over 35 minutes of video is provided below for your Prime Fax training needs. Each video has on average five subtopics that are covered within the video. Once the video launches and is buffered, you can skip to a topic using the topic navigation links at the bottom of the video.

Subcontractor Database / Broadcast Fax and Email

1. Creating a Bid Vendor Database (8:13)

Creating a bid vendor database from a list of subcontractors and suppliers
  1. Starting a Bid Vendor Database
  2. Sorting the Source Database
  3. Selecting Vendors from the Source Database
  4. Using Lookup Criteria

2. Running a Broadcast Invitation (7:30)

Running a broadcast invitation from a list of selected subcontractors and suppliers
  1. Modifying the Broadcast Template
  2. Selecting the Broadcast Type
  3. Selecting the Broadcast Template
  4. Adding Attachments to the Broadcast
  5. Executing the Broadcast

3. Tracking the Broadcast Results / Reports (10:12)

Tracking the broadcast results as vendors confirm their bid status
  1. Running the Bid Vendor Database Filters
  2. Tracking the Bid Confirmation Status
  3. Telephone Calling
  4. Specific Contact Notes
  5. Subcontractor List Printouts
  6. Good Faith Reports

4. Editing the Vendor Database (9:15)

Editing the vendor database records so you can keep your customized data up to date
  1. Editing Vendor Records
  2. Editing Vendor Records in a Grid
  3. Importing / Exporting a Vendor Database

We Value Customer Feedback

Prime Bid is customer-driven software. It is a tool specifically designed by general contractors to optimize results on bid day to produce the best lowest number.

Our goal is to make this the most useful piece of software for our customers and so we work with them and utilize suggestions for feature enhancements. In the past two versions of our software there have been over 80 customer suggested improvements.