What is a Tesla Solar Roof?

The Tesla Solar Roof system integrates solar panels and energy storage into a single roof. A mix of glass solar tiles and architectural-grade steel roofing tiles make up the roof. The solar tiles capture sunlight and convert it into DC electricity, which then goes to a solar inverter that converts it to AC electricity to power your home’s appliances. Additionally, the steel tiles provide durability and corrosion resistance, and the roof withstands all weather conditions.

25 Year Warranty

Tesla Solar Roofs come with a 25-year warranty that covers all roof components.

Top Reasons To Purchase a Tesla Solar Roof

  1. Energy Independence

  2. Beautiful Design

  3. Built to Last

  4. Exceptional Performance

  5. Roof That Helps Pay For Itself

Energy Independence

Every Solar Roof system seamlessly integrates with Powerwall, a compact home battery that stores energy produced with solar, making it available anytime. You can use this power at night when the sun isn’t shining to keep your home running off your clean energy. Powerwall also automatically detects outages, allowing you to keep your lights on and phones charged when the grid goes down.

Beautiful Design

Further, Tesla designed the Solar Roof to maximize your roof’s energy production without compromising the aesthetics of your home. Tesla constructs the Solar Roof with a combination of glass solar tiles and architectural-grade steel tiles. Each tile is virtually indistinguishable in color and trim. The Solar Roof enhances your home’s design and looks incredible from any angle.

Built to Last

Chiefly, the Solar Roof is a premium roof with the added benefit of solar production. Solar Roof tiles are engineered for all- weather durability, ensuring your home stays protected even in extreme conditions.

Exceptional Performance

Evidently, since Solar Roof has a smaller footprint than traditional solar panels,Tesla may be able to add more solar to your roof working around vents, skylights or other obstructions.This helps maximize the amount of solar energy your roof can produce. Control your system with 24/7 mobile monitoring from anywhere in the world. Manage all your Tesla products through the Tesla app and customize your system production to fit your preferences.

Roof That Helps Pay For Itself

Tesla Solar Roof helps pay for itself over time. As a fully integrated system, Solar Roof can maximize your solar generation and help you take control of your monthly electricity bill.

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